Dr. Geoff Hartley

Dr. Geoff Hartley


Assistant Professor
Physical and Health Education

PhD, Health Biosciences Brock University 2015
MSc, Kinesiology Brock University 2010
BKIH, Kinesiology with Honours Acadia University 2008

Areas of Specialization
    Cerebrovascular Physiology
    Thermal Physiology
    Neuromuscular Physiology

Research Interests

The aim of my research program is to understand the underlying mechanisms of fatigue. Specifically, my work examines the link changes in cerebral blood flow and indices of neuromuscular fatigue during environmental stress (such as hyperthermia and hypoxia).

Professional Affiliations

American College of Sports Medicine

Courses Taught

PHED 2217: Systemic Approach to Integrated Human Physiology
PHED 2036: Introduction to Biomechanics
PHED 3046: Physical Fitness Principles, Prescription & Assessment
PHED 4006: Exercise Physiology II

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